A Guide to Working With a Civil Rights Lawyer

Americans have certain rights under the constitution, and when they’re violated, Civil rights attorneys in Minnesota can help them make things right. If a person has suffered harm, an attorney can hold the authorities accountable for violations of Civil rights & police misconduct. Read on to learn more about the defense of Americans’ civil rights.

What Do Civil Rights Lawyers Do?

A civil rights attorney protects groups and individuals from discrimination and other violations through settlement negotiations and litigation. Americans’ civil rights include:

Freedoms of assembly, speech, and religion

The right to due process under the law

The right to petition the US government

Freedom from discrimination on the basis of gender, race, and nationality

When clients aren’t sure of their rights, a lawyer can help them understand the protections they’re afforded under the Constitution of the United States. Call today to schedule a consultation with a civil rights attorney.

How Can a Victim Know Whether They Need an Attorney?

If a person’s civil liberties have been infringed upon by law enforcement officials, they may want to consult police misconduct lawyers in Minneapolis. Some of the most common violations include:

Unlawful search and seizure by police

Cruel and unusual punishment

Being terminated from a job or turned down for a promotion for discriminatory reasons

Abuse at the hands of public officials

Discrimination based on superficial qualities or beliefs

America’s civil rights laws are complicated, and in many cases, victims must file claims with the government before filing their own lawsuit. If a person believes they’ve been discriminated against, they should consult an attorney to determine which steps to take.

Paying a Civil Rights Attorney

Lawyers use various billing methods, but many charge hourly rates or work on a contingency basis. In a contingency arrangement, the client pays nothing upfront and the attorney takes a portion of the settlement amount. Typically, lawyers only accept contingency cases if they believe there’s a strong chance of a sizeable settlement. Talk to an attorney before hiring and ensure there’s a fee structure in place.

What Should Clients Expect When Hiring a Civil Rights Attorney?

Civil rights laws are complex, and it’s often hard to prove that a violation has occurred. If a claim is contested, the case can take even longer than normal. Most cases involve the seeking of damages rather than rule changes, and a civil rights lawyer can advise the client on what to expect during the case.


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